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Our STILL IFOY winner 2023 in the category "Warehouse Trucks Lowlifter": The EXH 14-20 Plus. The hand pallet truck is a compact all-rounder for demanding applications designed to address all logistical challenges: e.g. horizontal transport of goods, last-mile delivery, loading and unloading via ramps or simple order-picking operations. The vehicles feature a unique tiller head with an integrated display in two versions. The special design of the tiller head enables intuitive and ergonomic handling for any operator.


Compact all-rounder for demanding applications

As compact all-rounders, the hand-operated pallet trucks of the EXH 14-20 Plus series are made to master demanding applications and to specifically address all logistical challenges.

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Review: The IFOY Award 2021

Our STILL IFOY winner 2021 in the category „Integrated Warehouse Solution“ shows what effective warehousing is all about: For the new production warehouse of Danfoss Power Electronics A/S in Tinglev, Denmark, STILL supplied a perfectly coordinated solution consisting of three automated series trucks (MX-X and EXV), a smart tool called iGo insights which uses the principle of machine learning and optimises the system via the cloud and provides the customer with recommendations for action as well as the ELOshield safety system, whose components communicate with each other by radio and protect passers-by from approaching vehicles.

Danfoss Project

Award-winning Made-to-measure automation - IFOY winner 2021
Greater efficiency in the Danfoss AI‑assisted automatic warehouse: The new production warehouse in Tinglev, Denmark, from Danfoss Power Electronics A/S convinces both the customer and the IFOY jury with demand-oriented project automation and smart AI‑assisted tools.

Danfoss Project - IFOY Innovation Check

Marktrelevanz ++
Kundennutzen ++
Neuheits- / Innovationsgrad +
Funktionalität / Art der Umsetzung ++

Review: The IFOY Award 2020

2020 a premiere took place: For the first time, the winners of this year's IFOY Award (International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year) were announced online via video due to the corona crisis.

In the category "Counter Balanced Truck up to 3.5 t" the coveted award once again went to us. This year, the Hamburg-based intralogistics company had entered their new RX 60-25/35 electric forklift truck into the competition.

RX 60-25/35

With no other forklift can you move more goods in a few seconds. The new RX 60-25/35 is the most powerful forklift in its class. Whether high or wide or both - with every pallet transported you save valuable seconds with our accelerator. With its perfectly controllable performance, you get the goods to where they need to be in the best possible time. Developed and built for applications where you need to pad instead of spill.

Review: The IFOY Award 2019

Last year STILL won the race with the LTX 50 in the category "AGV & Intralogistics Robot" and thus secured the coveted award for the sixth time since the first IFOY award in 2013.

Tugger train solution with the LTX 50

The main innovation of the automated LiftRunner with LTX 50 is the combination of automated driving and automated load handling for different container sizes. Until now, either automated driving or automated load handling was possible, but not a combination of both. The LTX 50 electric tractor also pulls trailers with a total weight of up to 5.000 kilograms through the production facilities without leaving a trace.

Our winner of the IFOY Awards 2018:

RX 20

The STILL RX 20 offers more of everything: more power, more dynamics and more availability. The latest generation of the best-selling STILL electric truck is the best RX 20 that STILL has ever developed. It shows its strengths particularly where small working aisle widths are required in tough two shift or three shift operation.

Impressions from the IFOY Award 2018

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Our winner of the IFOY Awards 2014:

iGo Easy

The IFOY Award 2014 in the category "Automated Guided Vehicles" went to our iGoEasy. The new combination of iPad and driverless pedestrian pallet truck also brings the advantages of automation solutions to places where goods transport used to be sensible only with a manually guided stacker.

Our winner of the IFOY Awards 2013:

RX 70 Hybrid

The race for the IFOY Award 2013 in the "Counter Balanced Truck" category was made by the RX 70 Hybrid. The world's first mass-produced hybrid forklift thus decided the forklift's top league.
Decisive for the choice of the RX 70 Hybrid was its higher degree of innovation. He was the first diesel forklift with energy recovery and electric power transmission to set standards in forklift development and led the balancing of ecology and economy into a new era.