Electric Forklift Trucks RX 20 1.4 – 2.0 t

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  • Load capacity 2000 kg
  • Rated lift 7930 mm
  • Speed 20 km/h

Model STILL RX 20
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Želite više? Mi također. STILL RX 20 nudi više svega: više snage, više dinamike i veću dostupnost. Najnovija generacija najprodavanijeg električnog viličara STILL najbolji je RX 20 koji je tvrtka STILL razvila do sada.

U skladištu mora sve biti besprijekorno. Električni viličar RX 20 stoga je istovremeno moćan i okretan i brzo dovodi vas i vašu robu tamo gdje treba. Dobar pogled i udobna vozačka kabina omogućuju vam i iznimno precizan rad. I to zahvaljujući najširem rasponu inačica baterija s visokom razinom izdržljivosti.

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Quickly moves goods from A to BCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

The new RX 20 impresses with outstanding lifting speeds and can accelerate up to 20 km/h. Due to di erent operating programs, it can achieve both optimum performance and unrivalled e ciency values, while the Performance-Boost allows even the heaviest loads to be handled in sprint mode. It’s no wonder that the RX 20 can achieve the highest handling performance in its class, with the lowest energy consumption per tonne handled.

Operating power tailored to your specifications →
A perfect visibility IN EVERY DIRECTION. →
Perfect all-round visibility for exceptional safety at work. →
STILL Easy View Mast →

Operating power tailored to your specifications

Wide variety of equipment options for every application

A perfect visibility IN EVERY DIRECTION.

Safety comes first and this couldn’t be more true for the new RX 20. Therefore, it is equipped with a particularly slim mast and extra large windows that allow a clear view on all sides and upwards. This does not only look good but helps to identify possible hazards faster than ever before.

Perfect all-round visibility for exceptional safety at work.

Slim mast and extra-large windows

STILL Easy View Mast

The STILL Easy View mast increases the efficiency of the internal flow of materials, in particular on long driving distances.This mast design is the new benchmark to move material from goods-in to goods-out or for transfer bays in front of narrow aisle racks or production halls when safety and maximum turnover speed are required at the same time.

Head and shoulders above the rest, EVEN IN THE TIGHTEST OF SPOTS.

To impress in the warehouse, you need to be able to perform in even the narrowest spaces – no problem for the new RX 20. Its compact truck dimensions and precise control system ensure outstanding manoeuvrability. With the new combination axle for four- wheel-drive trucks, it achieves the smallest turning radius in its class.

Impressive agility and precise manoeuvrability. →
Like sitting in a jet, BUT WITH MORE LEGROOM. →
Safe entry →

Impressive agility and precise manoeuvrability.

Combi floating axle improves the working aisle widths

Like sitting in a jet, BUT WITH MORE LEGROOM.

The best way to work: the operator’s cabin of the new RX 20 offers an unparalleled level of comfort. It is extremely spacious, with plenty of legroom and numerous storage options. All safety and performance functions can be conveniently monitored with an intelligent display and control unit (STILL Easy Control).

Safe entry

Large handle, anti-slip rubber mat and wide step

1 charge. 302 LOADS.

The new RX 20 boasts the largest range per battery charge and can also utilise a wide range of battery variants, boasting the fastest lateral battery change process in its class. Also, if you want to remove the term “battery change” from your working vocabulary entirely, the STILL Li-Ion is exactly the availability boost you need. Rapid interim charging is su cient to keep the RX 20 going around the clock – on just a single battery.

Battery change over the side for maximum availability →

Battery change over the side for maximum availability

Ultra-fast: easy-to-operate lateral battery change

The RX 20 1.4 – 2.0 t in detail

The "Simply Efficent" factors: Performance attributes as a measure of economic efficiency

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